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Now is the perfect time to discuss the issue of drought and what we can do to help slow down the rate our dam is dropping each week. Currently Sydney's Dam levels drop 0.4% each week and currently we are at around 47% full.

We as landscapers and designers need to be more mindful when designing gardens and installing landscapes across sydney by keeping in mind what species of plants we introduce into a landscape and how much water they will require to maintain. We had the pleasure of designing a "pop up" garden for sydney water the other month showcasing it is still possible to have an impactful and lush garden without the need for as much water as regular or more traditional gardens do. By including succulents and drought tolerant species into the design we were able to achieve and showcase that even a "drought proof" garden can still look amazing.

Heres a few tips on how to save water during the drought;

- Plant selection and planning goes along way and can save thousands of litres of water per year

- Install mulch on your gardens to help keep moisture in the ground

- Install a drip irrigation system instead of sprinklers

- Install rain/weather sensors on your irrigation

- Water your garden in the early morning or late afternoon when sun is at its lowest

- Keep outdoor pools and spas covered to reduce evaporation

- Clean hard surfaces with a broom or rake (not the hose)

Enjoy :)


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